Lower Hope,

Near Ullingswick,

Herefordshire, HR1 3JF

Tel: 01432 820218

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Lower Hope Farms is a diverse business consisting of many farming enterprises, situated in North Herefordshire. The estate covers 1800 acres. The home farm is at Lower Hope, Ullingswick, home to the owners, Mr & Mrs Clive Richards.


Surrounding the house there are 7 acres of landscaped gardens in addition to large areas of parkland and a wildlife pond. The gardens are open to the public approximately five times a year, throughout the spring and summer, as part of the National Gardens Scheme.


The livestock enterprises include a successful herd of Pedigree Hereford Cattle, a Pedigree Suffolk flock as well as a commercial ewe flock, which are mainly North Country mules crossed to Suffolk or Texel sires for Fat Lamb production.


The fruit farm produces cherries, raspberries and apples, for supermarket and wholesale markets. Production has be increasing year on year with recent cherry harvests totalling approximately 400 tonnes.


The Estate also farms a large area of arable land, wheat, rape, beans and peas grown in rotation. All acreage is included in Environmental Stewardship Schemes encouraging diverse flora, fauna and wildlife.


Woodland accounts for 260 acres and consists of broad leaved semi ancient woodland, plantations of conifers and Christmas Trees.

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